June 5, 2009

Stanley is alive and well

Well, it is nearly summer and Stanley is still getting reviews and write ups.

Here at Pennie Rich Publishing, we have released three new books by author PJ Nickels. As with Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True, they each have an audio book narrated by Paul Mackenzie and have music by Maynard Williams.

They also have Lesson Guides, aligned to National Standards with components for reading, writing, math, geography and contain activities, puzzles, and many other things...

A Christian Lesson guide is being released for each project as well. They are designed for Home School teaching, Christian Schools, Sunday Schools and the like.

visit www.pennierich.com for more information.

Now that I have been able to access this blog, I plan to keep it up....

I am working on a sequel to Stanley's story... where his name came from, etc.

R. E. Hughes

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