July 16, 2009

Christmas Trees for everyone

When growing up, I watched my father take the worst tree on the lot and transform it into a perfect Christmas Tree. Adding branches, trimming, tweaking until all who saw it stood in awe.

On the other hand, my brother's daughter was always sick at Christmas. Every year it was a struggle to keep her well enough to join in the celebration. Then it was discovered she was allergic to the Christmas tree and wreaths.

On Christmas Eve they were off to find an artificial tree and actually found one that was pre-lit. After that, Christmas was a fun time for the family.

There are Christmas Tree Farms in every state and in most countries that celebrate Christmas, but for those, like my niece, who cannot have a real Christmas tree, there are pre-lit trees available.

Check out www.ChristmastownTrees.com They have some great deals on pre-lit trees and some other novel lighted decorations, including Snoopy on a Dog House, Motorcycle Santa, a 3' tall x 8' long lighted train (see picture above), and many others...

Tell them Stanley the Christmas Tree sent you....

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July 11, 2009

Stanley still moving... 5 1/2 months to Christmas

Stanley is still selling. Nearly 100 degrees around the country, high 80's here in the mountains, which is very rare, and orders for Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True are still coming in. Today we had an order for 3 books and one was going to a family who actually sits down and reads with their child... Amazing!!! So rare these days, but there are some parents and grandparents who care and take the time to actually talk to their children and grand children.

Hats off to you!!

Stanley is on special, along with the pre-orders for the audio books for PJ Nickels three new books... www.pennierich.com just click on the Specials button.