R. E. Hughes, like Laura Ingles Wilder, published his first book at the age of 65 years.

A life long writer, R. E. never did think about publishing his work until his author wife,
P. J. Nickels suggested he publish Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True.

R. E. had written Stanley's story for his daughter, Terri, when she was a baby.
"I had heard that Clemet Moore wrote The Night Before Christmas for his
daughter and wanted to try to do the same thing.

Stanley became a story for the entire family and now is being shared with the
grandchildren. "I really didn't realize how timeless Stanley was or how many
people would come to love his story," said R. E.

Today, Terri has children of her own and this year Stanley will become a part of their lives.

Jillian             Toro           Zachary         Terri        Kylie           

Terri about the time Stanley was written

Born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho, R. E. graduated from Pocatello High School
and attended Idaho State University.
"I had some great teachers. In my senior year a wonderful teacher named,
Margaret Rule was very encouraging and inspiring. Her Creative Writing class
opened new worlds to me," says  R. E.

R. E. Hughes

At ISU, I had two very wonderful instructors. Through the encouragement of
Ed Dron and Ledice Kissane, I was able to expand my vision and
find new ways of expression.