June 5, 2009

Stanley is alive and well

Well, it is nearly summer and Stanley is still getting reviews and write ups.

Here at Pennie Rich Publishing, we have released three new books by author PJ Nickels. As with Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True, they each have an audio book narrated by Paul Mackenzie and have music by Maynard Williams.

They also have Lesson Guides, aligned to National Standards with components for reading, writing, math, geography and contain activities, puzzles, and many other things...

A Christian Lesson guide is being released for each project as well. They are designed for Home School teaching, Christian Schools, Sunday Schools and the like.

visit www.pennierich.com for more information.

Now that I have been able to access this blog, I plan to keep it up....

I am working on a sequel to Stanley's story... where his name came from, etc.

R. E. Hughes

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October 10, 2008

Library Book Late Fees

Homeschool teachers can rack up a lot of library book late fees. While public libraries can be our best asset, providing free books, keeping track of your due dates can be a hassle and result in otherwise unnecessary costs.

Homeschooling on a budget is especially important these days. In the face of high oil prices and a struggling economy, the Elf system can be a great way to avoid library book late fees. This free service will send you email, text message, or RSS news feed alerts before your library materials are due. It also allows you to consolidate your family’s library loans and allows for real-time updates. The Elf system works with many libraries across the country, and you will need your library card number and PIN to set up an account.

Library book late fees can now be a thing of the past. Libraries are a great resource for homeschool curriculums, teaching materials, and support, so take advantage without any worries.

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September 25, 2008

Stanley The Christmas Tree’s Lesson

In this day and age, the lives of our children seem more complex than ever. Childhood bullying has taken on a new form with advances in technology, and the media more than ever can bombard kids with images and stereotypes of how they should be or look. Stanley the Christmas Tree’s lesson is focused on staying true to yourself, being self confident, and following your dreams.

Stanley is a tree growing on a farm, with the dream he will find his way to a family to be the Christmas tree in their home. He is taken home by one family only to quickly find himself in an alley on Christmas Eve being teased by the trash cans. Stanley still does not give up hope, even though the lifelong dream he realized was taken from him suddenly. Stanley the Christmas Tree’s lesson is important for all ages. To persevere in the face of life’s disappointments and make something else good from them, to always know who you are inside, and not let anything get in the way of your dreams even if you are discouraged.

These are the life lessons we want to teach our children. Reading is just one great way to convey to your children this broader meaning. Literacy encourages an adventurous spirit like Stanley’s.