Born in Rhode Island and raised in Arizona, Pennie's life has been a great adventure.

Singer, Author, Counselor, Elementary School Principal, Teacher
are just a few of the titles that Pennie has held.

"I believe the greatest tragedy in a person's life
is to not have tried."

Pennie is the reason that the Stanley story was published.
"R. E. wrote the story many years ago and I always
knew that it needed to be shared. I finally convinced
him to consider publishing and when Maynard Williams sent him
the song Running Reindeer, he got the story out of the drawer.
I had been in contact with Anita Saunders because I wanted
her to illustrate one of my Children's books. My book is
still waiting, because Anita consented to work on Stanley."

Pennie divides her time between her home in the Colorado Rockies and
traveling to Arizona, England, Italy, Germany and France.

"Wherever I am, there is a story waiting to be written or a song to be sung."


Maynard Williams musical career is long and varied.
From USO entertainer to Producer, Maynard has done a little of everything.

With a catalog of hundreds of songs and an uncanny ability to turn a song out
in minutes, he is a veritable music machine.

"Music lives in me and I live in the music," Williams said in a recent interview.
"If I read a poem or story, the music dances across the page, right before my eyes."

In addition to music, Maynard's interests are varied.
Restoring MGA cars has been a passion. Maynard recently found and
restored the first MGA car to leave the factory in 1955.
It had been sitting behind a garage in California for 40 years and we
hauled it back to "Maynards Garage."

"I am currently restoring a 1949 Cadillac convertible and it has turned out
to be a real challenge. Of course, that is the best part."