Paul has presented popular radio shows with both the independent sector and the BBC.

Paul has an incredible talent for voice characterisation, performing voices for all manner of media, regularly narrating and playing the parts of a myriad
of characters all in one production!

“When I finish for the day I have to remember who I really am...” he said recently.

Before Paul entered show business he was a fireman with the Fire & Rescue Service.

 “When I was with the service, I was the only one who could accurately imitate
a fire engine’s air brakes
- not that there was much need for that kind of thing.”


"Paul's voice and amazing delivery style was what made me a listener
when he was at BBC Radio Derby.

"I knew that Paul was the one I wanted to do the voice over work for my writing
and thanks to the internet, I was able to contact him, said author", R. E. Hughes


Paul lives in Nottinghamshire, England with his wife Carol and their two sons.
He operates Sherwood Forest Studios, named after the region he lives in.
"This actually was part of Robin Hood's famed Sherwood Forest, but the trees were cut down to build ships for the British Navy," explained Paul.